Bobbing For Apples Duel

For our math unit Mrs Durnin’s grade 8B class had a bobbing for apples duel against Mr Westra’s grade 8A class in the gym on Halloween. We were collecting data for our math project. We had 7 different people from each class. 1 from each class would go up to the bucket and have a minute to get however many apples they could. After we had to make tables and graphs to display the data that we collected.

#9 Based on the charts a conclusion I can make is that class 8B won the bobbing for apples duel. For example,  # 6 shows that class 8B won 28 battles and class 8A won 12. 28. 12.28 is bigger than 12. In # 7 it shows that we have a bigger mean. median, and mode. For example, 8A’s mean is only 1.71 and 8B’s is 4. 4. 4.4 is way higher than 1.71. Another example is in #8.8A’s mean is 33.86 and 8B got 17.71. In this case you want a smaller mean because it is in seconds.
An inference I can make is that class 8B had some good strategies. For example, class 8B’s strategy was to push the apples to the side to get them and make it easier.
Altogether the winner of the bobbing for apples duel is class 8B. I know this because in # 6 8B won the most duels, in #7 8B has a higher mean, and in #8, 8B took less to get their first apple.



Similarities All Around

                                                                 Energetic Spirit

The Idea Hive is where two schools that are 2700 km apart connect with each other over the internet. So far this year we have done a survey. After we finished the survey we started comparing  the people in Snow Lake’s answers to the people in Wingham’s answers. We have to find what we have in common with most of the Snow lake students and what we have in common with a few students in Snow Lake. Have you ever connected with someone 2700 km apart over the internet?

Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake is that we don’t play instruments.  For example, in Snow Lake Holley, Katie, Emily, and Evan don’t play instruments. I don’t play an instrument because I don’t have a musical background.

Something I have in common with a few people is that their favourite movie is the Hunger Games. For example, in Snow Lake Tayla and Magenta’s favourite movie is the Hunger Games. I like the Hunger Games because there was a lot of action in it. My favourite action scene is when they are fighting at the very starting of the game.

Something that is unique about me is that I am the only person with 7 cats. I have 3 cats and 4 kittens. There are 2 black and 2 orange kittens. There are 2 grey cats and 1 black cat with some orange on her.

The person who is most like me from Snow Lake is Katie. We both don’t play an instrument and our favourite thing to do when we are not at school is to hang out with friends. We also both like pizza and our favourite website is Facebook. In this survey we found out that everybody has something in common! what activities will we do this year in the Hive?

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